Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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Let the Master of Ceremonies entertain you at the Circus tonight!

If not there..

Perhaps on your wall or atop your desk to remind you of the Circus soon coming to your city! RINGMASTER'S PONYTAIL is one of nine Scarlettings in the "TALES OF THE CIRCUS" Collection. It is made with sixteen Strands of Donna's hair and varied colors of layered fabric, including blue organdy, golden tulle and black polymesh glitter, one of Donna's favorites. 

Feather and slips of parchment paper are used as fill. The small frame (Brand/Green Tree Gallery ) features both an easel back for tabletop display and hanging hardware for wall display. Outward dimensions of frame are 4 1/8" length x 3 3/4" width.

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