Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is a Scarletting ?

  A Scarletting is the Art I make with my own hair to create words or imagery. If it is not created with my hair, it is not a Scarletting. The ONLY exception will be the Artworks I make using exotic animal hair, like zebra, horse or lion mane for example, interwoven with my own hair. These are also considered Scarlettings.



When have you discovered to be the best time to collect the Strands ?

   The best and only time to collect the Strands is after my hair has been thoroughly shampooed and rinsed. Then I allow it to dry naturally. Afterwards, I'll gently run my fingers through my hair from top of my crown to the ends and gather the Strands which have loosened and detached themselves from the wash. There is never a Strand used that falls to the ground or floor. For more information on this,  you may go to the About page on this Website. Also, I believe the best time to collect the Strands is when I am in strong faith or joy or at peace. A restful spirit gives off good energy. Spiritually and scientifically-so, even to the ends of your hair.



How long does it take to make a Scarletting ?

   The length of time it takes to make a Scarletting varies. Some Scarlettings take hours but others can take days. It all depends on the subject matter,  how many Strands are suitable to use for the Scarletting, the length and/ or thickness of the Strands at hand, how detailed the subject matter is meant to be, etc. This does not include the hours given to research beforehand for the piece.



So you research for the historic-themed Scarlettings before you make them ?

  Yes. I research for both, my historic and fantasy themed Scarlettings. To me, research is one of the most valuable factors of my work. It builds continuity of inspiration regarding which choice of feather, material, number of Strands, color, etc. will be used. All these separate components bring their own element of design to the piece. Research opens up for me then, not only the facts of the matter but a new-found portal of choices, giving way to more inspiration as I begin a new Scarletting.



How long have you been making and selling Scarlettings ?

   In the early 90's, from time to time, I began to make them and give as small tokens or gifts to a few intimate friends. I have been selling Scarlettings since 2015.



Do you ever make two of the same Scarletting ?

  No, I don't ever make two of the same Scarletting. Every Scarletting is a one-of-a-kind piece. 


Do you do Commissioned Works ?

   Yes, I do Commissioned Works. Just fill out the form on the Contact Us page of this Website and I will get back with you to set an appointment for when best to meet and discuss the details. 



Can I buy only one Scarletting even though it is in a set or a collection ?

   Yes. You can buy only one Scarletting even if it is listed in a set or listed as a Collection piece. 



Is Scarlette Threads Studio a physical place as well as an On-line Store ?

   Yes. Scarlette Threads Studio is a physical place as well as an E-commerce Store. Scarlette Threads Studio is located in an upstairs Studio in my private home.



Do you give private viewings as well as Exhibits elsewhere ?

 Yes, I do give private viewings from time to time in my own Studio and at the private homes of others who prefer this type of Evening Event by invitation only. If interested in hosting such a private event, you may contact me on the Contact page of this Website or call me @ 304-945-7723.



Does one need to set an appointment to visit Scarlette Threads Studio ?

 Yes. You will need to set an appointment to visit Scarlette Threads Studio. You may contact me on the Contact Page of this Website. Please leave your message and I will get back with you. Or call : 304-945-7723. Thank you.