Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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About : The Art

The Gathering of the Strands

  "Once I've freshly washed my hair, I allow it to dry naturally. This begins the process of my gathering of the strands. Running fingers gently through my hair, I collect the clean, loose strands and arrange them as straight as possible upon three separate parchment paper made ready to receive their varied lengths. These parchment papers hold the strands which are then rolled up into scrolls, dated and entitled : Long, Longer, Longest. Before the needle ever once pricks the fabric, the strands are rinsed again in cool spring water.This last rinse and dry is deemed necessary to tease the strands, making them more pliable for needle entrance and a welcomed touch against the fabric."

 "Sometimes in a hurried moment, the gathered strands are tucked in between pages of my fairytale books. At such times, l begin by simply pulling out that book, lay open it's fairy pages, choose a needles-worth of strands and bathe needle & all in the pre-given rinse mentioned above. 

(  Of course I choose not to reveal all about the making of the Scarlettings, but I can assure you, there is never a strand sewn that touches the floor or falls to the ground.”

 "Once the Scarletting is sewn, I lay it to rest gently behind museum glass and frame. It is soon followed by feather and slips of parchment paper before adding the backside easel of the miniature frame."

" You not only give of yourself physically, but most importantly, you give of your being."    - Lisa Hall