Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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Let Your Hair Hang Down


" Let Your Hair Hang Down "


" Let Your Hair Hang Down " is a four-fold Collection with a two-fold purpose behind the whimsy of it all. Exhibited in GALLERY 166 (Gastonia NC) for the Art & Craft Show : "Which-Craft" in October, the pieces speak volumes, literally, in less than eight words, though altogether separately. 


 " My desire is to offer all of us an innocent and intimate way of perceiving hair, once it has fallen from head and no longer pays court to the human face. While it's been largely asserted that our fallen hair is grotesque and can no longer belong to Beauty, I find quite the opposite to be true. " 

  Unlike previous Scarlettings before them, these four come without glass and frame and slips of parchment paper. Howbeit, all have feather(s) intact and are secured with Strands visibly dotted in all four corners of each attached backside.

 " There is Mystery to be found in hair; this sometimes fallen Ancient Flatterer of ours. When I gather and intertwine the free-fallen Strands of my own hair and sew them onto fabric, each may take on the subtle appearance of poetry, medieval knight or lady and such, depending on choice of creation at the time. And as each Scarletting begins to unfold before me to completion, it is then pared with exotic feather(s). The feather(s) are embraced by the backside hairwork of a Scarletting, much like pillows of down are embraced by one laying his head upon it to dream."