Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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Seeing far beyond what others can only dare see or experience in a lifetime, FORE-TELLING conveys the keen eye, graceful movements and skill these dedicated artists give us with their feats and lives everyday. FORE-TELLING was created with twenty Strands of Donna's hair and is the only Scarletting in the "TALES OF THE CIRCUS" Collection which was created on layers of silk chiffon, the chosen fabric of Arielists, the world over. It has an overlay of polymesh sparkle.

Feather and slips of parchment paper are used as fill. The small white frame (Brand/ Green Tree Gallery) features both an easel back for tabletop display and hanging hardware for wall display. Outward dimensions of polystone frame are 4 1/8" length x 3 3/4" width.

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