Scarlette Threads Studio gives place to the intimate and ingenious realm of Donna Acosta Baker
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"COME CIRCUS WITH ME" - Launch Party

Dream Exotic Launch Party

"COME CIRCUS WITH ME"  - Launch Party

February 20, 2017


 Come Circus with me

In this dazzling dream

Where all shine as One

Incredible team. 

Come Circus With Us

Come Circus With Me 

With Beauties and Beasts 

All family.

Come Circus With Me!"


 I decided to launch Scarlette Threads Studio with a colorful and light-hearted Collection entitled 'Tales of the Circus'. I wanted to lift the veil, welcome Light back in where darkness had spread over the Circus culture and made a nuisance of itself. And while I don't advocate animal abuse of any kind, I DO advocate Circus folk who truly respect and lovingly care for all creatures, great and small.

 "Tales of the Circus" is my creative attempt, my intimate invitation and announcement : Circus is NOT a thing of the past; not just another vanishing act. No. Circus is on the Rise and ever in forward motion. World, We Are Circus-Strong.

The child in all of us knows this. Desires this. Celebrates this.

 So come...Circus with me.

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