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"COME CIRCUS WITH ME" - Once Upon a Circus

Circus Gypsies Ringling Brothers

"COME CIRCUS WITH ME"  -  Once Upon a Circus


  Although ancient Rome with it's Circus Maximus of chariot races and exotic animals is most credited for the circus concept, it was the traveling gypsies after the fall of Rome who kept circus history and traditions alive. Journeying throughout Europe by way of colorful caravans in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, gypsy performers with their daring acts and trained exotic animals peddled their wares and held feats at ongoing festivals in villages along their way.

  In May of this year, when Ringling Brother's "Greatest Show on Earth" waved It's final good-bye to us, I could not help but weep. I wept as I thought upon the irony of it's newly introduced sci-fi "Out of This World" circus style. Indeed, soon thereafter came It's sad departure. Nevertheless, I believe Ringling will some day awaken once more to the sound of Its own elephant-size heartbeat, surprising one and all; especially Itself, with the unforgettable life with which It can and had entailed all along.

  Even so, Circus IS very much with us now. Night after night all over the Earth, the Circus culture continues to take a bow, then pack up the tents and travel to yet another village, town, city, or country where It is FULLY and happily embraced.


"Come circus with me

in this dazzling dream

Of Beauties and Beasts

All family..."


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